22 Video: Courselink Quizzes

Thank you so much to Charlene Winchcombe-Foran and Justine Tishinsky for leading us through a very helpful Tutorial on Couselink Quizzes!

Watch the entire video below or check out the links to specific topics found below the video to help you find what you are looking for fast!


Insert Quizzes to navigation bar

Creating a new quiz

Options for helping avoid academic misconduct (disable right-click)

Set Due Date and Access Date for Quiz

Require that students access content (ie. readings) before attempting quiz

Setting time limits for quiz

What if students lose internet access during quiz

Multiple Choice questions

Preview Quiz: Where Description, Header/Footer, etc populate within quiz

Written response questions

Grading of quiz questions

Upload quiz question from a file

Special Access: Provide a student extra time for quiz (ie. SAS request)

Link marks from quiz directly to grade book

Set what students see after their quiz (ie. provide feedback to the students, set if students can see questions after the quiz, etc)

Grading short answer questions

Lockdown browser and Respondus (how to setup)

Reviewing Respondus video

Respondus tips

Last thing to remember when setting up your Courselink Quizzes:

Preview your quiz before releasing it to students!



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