20 Video: Structuring Courselink

Join CBS’ own Lisa Robertson as she outlines a sound structuring for your Courselink Courses, with a foundation in Universal Design


Video Indexing: Jump directly to the point in the video given your interest in the topics below:

Universal Design: Lisa provides a nice succinct outline of UDL and how it can help you structure your courselink site

Things to think about when structuring your Courselink site

Couselink Templates

How to access templates (self-registration)

How to use Announcements to connect with and motivate students

Widgets (Task checklists, etc)

How to add widgets

NavBar: helpful things to include 

How to add link to NavBar

Import from previous course offering or template

Organization of Content and set release dates and conditions

Discussion Boards

TA discussion board (hidden to students) to help with efficient grading

Zoom integration with Courselink

Question about Zoom: linking to your zoom account

Sending course reminders linked to content (with intelligent agents)




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