2 Infographic: Remote Teaching Scaffold

As you prepare for Remote Teaching, you have the latitude to choose the structure and function of your course. We provide a Scaffold above providing a multitude of options you may consider as you plan, including: Delivery, Activities, Assessments, and Office Hours. As you navigate the Scaffold, have the Outcomes of your course in mind and consider which options can help your students meet these Outcomes. Selecting some options now can help provide focus as you begin to outline your course.

March 25, 2020.

This was our first communication after the shut down announced on March 13. At Guelph, classes were postponed for a week so that instructors could shift to remote teaching, unlike some other Universities where classes weren’t postponed and they only had the weekend to whip something together!

With this infographic, we started using the language of remote teaching and providing options for instructors to consider. Importantly, there was an emphasis on student support reflected in how to do office hours, anticipating an increased need for clear communication as we shifted to remote teaching.


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