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14 Structure of Milk and Dairy Products

This is a link to an absolutely marvellous website developed by my good friend Dr. Miloslav Kalab, entitled “Foods Under the Microscope”, with many high-quality images of the structure of milk and dairy products obtained during Dr. Kalab’s long and outstanding career as a food microscopist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa.

Dr. Kalab has recently published a review of the structure of milk and dairy products entitled “The Beauty of Milk at High Magnification” available from the Royal Microscopical Society. Dr. Kalab was awarded the Isaac Heertje Lifetime Achievement Award by the Food Structure and Fnctionality Forum and the International dairy Federation at a joint meeting in Montreal in 2018. His lecture, “Milk and Microscopy”,  following the presentation of his award is available on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhXY3YbY-08.

From 1982-1994, Dr. Kalab was an editor of the Food Structure Journal, which became defunct in 1994. Dr. Kalab has written a history of the journal on his website and there is also now a Wikipedia entry on the journal.

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