Ice Cream Flavours

24 Fruit Ice Cream

Fruit for Ice Cream is available in the following forms:

  1. Fresh Fruit
  2. Raw Frozen Fruit
  3. Open Kettle Processed Fruit
  4. Aseptically Processed Fruit

Advantages of processed fruits:

  1. Purchasing year round supply: problems of procurement and storage transferred to fruit processor
  2. Availability: blending of sources from around the world in RTU form, no thawing, straining, etc.
  3. Quality control: processor adjusts for quality variations
  4. Ice Cream quality: fruit won’t freeze in ice cream, usually free of debris, straw, pits.
  5. Microbial Safety
  6. Convenience

Fruit feeders are used with continuous freezers to add the fruit pieces, while any fruit juice is added directly to the mix. Fruit is usually added at about 15-25% by weight.


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