Ice Cream Quality

34 Melting Quality Characteristics

1. Curdy Melt-Down: May be due to visible fat particles or due to coagulation of the milk proteins so is affected by factors that influence fat destabilization or the protein stability such as:

  • High acidity (protein coagulation).
  • Salt balance (protein coagulation).
  • High homogenizing pressures (fat coagulation).
  • Over-freezing in the freezer (fat coagulation).

2. Does not Melt: See ice cream structure, under the section on melt-down and fat structure/destabilization. May be caused by:

  • Over emulsification.
  • Wrong emulsifier.
  • High fat.
  • Excessive fat clumping in the mix due to homogenization at too low a temperature or single-stage homogenizer.
  • Freezing to too low a temperature at freezer.

3. Wheying off: The salt balance, protein composition, and carrageenan addition (or lack or it) all are factors.


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