Composition and Yield Control

18 Cheese Yield Expressions


Actual or Absolute Cheese Yield (Ya)


  • Quantity of cheese per unit of milk.
  • Ya = Kg cheese / Kg of milk.
  •  % Ya = Ya x 100 = Kg cheese / 100 Kg milk.
  • Limitation: meaningful yield comparisons can only be made between cheese of constant composition made from milk of constant composition.


Composition Specific Yield Expressions


  • Adjusts actual cheese yield to constant or standard levels of moisture, fat, salt, and/or protein.
  • Most common are moisture and salt adjusted yields.
  • For example, moisture adjusted yield (Ymadj) can be calculated from actual moisture (Mactual) values and standard moisture values (Mstandard) as follows:
Ymadj = Ya\times \frac{(100 - \%\:Mactual)}{(100 - \%\:Mstandard)}


  • Similarly moisture and salt adjusted yield  (Ysmadj) is calculated as:

Ysmadj = Ya\times \frac{(100 - \%\:Mactual)(100 - \%\:Sactual)}{(100 - \%\:Mstandard)(100 - \%\:Sstandard)}



For Your Understanding

Considering that the Canadian cheese standard for Cheddar cheese moisture is 39%, calculate the moisture adjusted yield for a Cheddar with 37% moisture and 11% yield. Calculate the moisture and salt adjusted yield for the same cheese with 1.7% of salt.


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