List of Abbreviations

Acronym Long Form Comment
aw Water activity An index of the availability of water in a food for microbial growth
CN Casein number Weight % of casein in the total (crude) protein of milk.
CFU Colony forming unit Unit for bacteria counts as in cfu/ml
FDM Fat in the dry matter 100 x Fat/(100 - moisture)
IBC Individual bacteria count The unit used to estimate bacteria counts as determined by bactoscan rather than counting bacterial colonies on agar plates.
LAB Lactic acid bacteria
MNFS Moisture in the non-fat substance 100 x Moisture/(100 - fat)
NFS Non-fat solids The trade also uses the acronym SNF (Solids non-fat).
NPN Non-protein nitrogen Nitrogenous materials present in milk that are often included in estimates of total milk protein. Crude protein means NPN is included in the total; true protein means NPN is excluded. If protein is not specified as crude or true, assume it is crude.
NSLAB Non-starter lactic acid bacteria
PF Ratio of protein to fat in the milk PF is the principal determinant of the FDM in the cheese.
pH A measure of acidity Neutral = 7.0; Acid < 7.0; Alkaline > 7.0
RH Relative Humidity
SM Salt as weight  %  of cheese moisture 100 x Salt/moisture
TA Titratable acidity Expressed as weight % of lactic acid.


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